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  • Few people can use this site for things other than placing orders as not many licenses are offered. 

  • This license does not approve or encourage of any resale or use of this website or any of its content for business reasons, any gathering and use of any product classifications, depiction of cost, any secondary use of this web page or its content, any downloading or duplicating of record data for the gain of another merchant, or any use of data mining, robots or some data gathering and extraction tools.

  • This site or any piece of it may not be recreated, replicated, sold, exchanged, copied, visited or in some other manner misused for any business use without the express written approval of nipponflorist.jp

  • People are not permitted to use framing methods to join any logo, trademark or other proprietary details (for instance message, pictures, page format or logo).

  • Nipponflorist.com and their affiliates, without the express written permission of the former one cannot use any "hidden texts" or Meta labels using the name of nipponflorist.jp or trademarks without the express written approval of us. Any sort of untrustworthy use brings an end to consent or license permitted by NipponFlorist.jp.

Your Account

  • Individuals, while using this site, are subject for defending the security of their account and prohibiting the entry to their computer. They consent to take risk for all activities that takes place under there or reference to their account details or password. The nipponflorist.jp does not allow transactions by kids. The nipponflorist.jp might be used by kids under 18 years old however under supervision of parent or guardian. Nipponflorist.jp and its affiliates reserve the right to end accounts, deny any assistance, alter or remove content, or drop down orders at their own will.


  • Nipponflorist.jp and its affiliates put their best efforts to be as right as could be expected under the circumstances however they don't ensure that the item displayed or other content of this site is finished, most recent, or faultless. Everything on the site is made and conveyed by Third Party vendors and not by the Company.

  • We offer the best of our efforts to ensure that the items are delivered "as shown", but sometimes it might happen that the product may differ a little due to craftsmanship, local traditions and accessibility of materials. This may happen without any prior notice. This site isn't just overseen by nipponflorist.jp but also maintained by services providers, operate stores, or sell lines of merchandise.

  • Additionally, connections of certain different organizations on our website. Examination or evaluation is not our responsibility and furthermore the people or content of these sites just as their contributions don't come with our warranty. The liabilities for the things, activities, or content of these sites or some other outsider do not fall upon us. The security statement and different conditions of use must be carefully read before taking any actions. Products which have a MRP prohibited are sold on our site after including expenses of our administrations, online transactions and delivery costs. Because of certain technical restrictions we can't showcase to you the individual charges independently and we hope to be understood. 


Every single thing that is sold or delivered is subjected to the affirmation and approval of your credit card. In the event that you are not ready to pay for the delivery that has been made, at that point the payment might be acquired from the recipient after due notice to you. In addition if because of some wrong address provided by you, the charges will be taken from you. 


Delivery Time

In the event of the situation that because of Credit card processing or any other situation, delivery of the arranged product is delayed, it will be delivered on the next convenient date with prior notice to you but without your specific approval to take similar action. 


Right to Refuse

The right to reject the delivery of any request without giving any notice or clarification to the customer is reserved by NipponFlorist.jp. Although in all such situations the total amount is reciprocated to the consumer. 


Cancellations & Refunds

Refunds are issued in genuine circumstances. However, if an incorrect or faulty goods is delivered, please notify us immediately. For the quickest response, please write to us at support@nipponflorist.jp or contact us on Facebook or Instagram. Our representative will call you and may request more information about the product provided or any deficiencies therein. We anticipate your cooperation and support throughout the process, which will enable us to address your issue expeditiously.

The business will only reimburse money for the damaged and/or faulty goods in legitimate circumstances. If the business delivers the incorrect product, it will either replace it with the correct one or reimburse the difference in price.

NipponFlorist.jp is not liable for and does not guarantee refunds in the following circumstances:

Flowers, plants, fruits, sweets, gift goods, and preserved things are sent to the sender's wrong address. Deliveries that are unsuccessful because the receiver is not present at the time of delivery at the address specified by the sender or the recipient refuses to accept the delivery. Problems with product quality caused by the recipient's inappropriate treatment of the goods.

Cancellation of an order is permitted if made at least 24 hours before the planned delivery date; in such instances, NipponFlorist.jp will provide a full refund.


Reviews, Comments, Communications and other Contents

We just enable guests to post their remarks, thoughts, comments, queries and other details. To the extent the content is concerned, it should not be offensive, unlawful, obscene, threatening, defamatory, intrusive of security, infringing of intellectual property rights, or generally harmful to third parties or offensive and does not contain software viruses, political battling, business sales, networking letters, mass mailings, or any type of spam. 

Using a fake email address, depicting any individual or element, or misleading to the source of any content is strictly not permitted. Nipponflorist.jp holds the right (yet not the obligation) to alter or eradicate such content, yet it doesn't analyze the posted content all the time. The moment you submit or post your content, you grant nipponflorist.jp and its affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty free, perpetual, irreversible, and completely sub licensable permit and the privilege to use, recreate, change, adjust, distribute, interpret, create a derivative work from, distribute, perform, and show such content in any media all throughout the world, except if we demonstrate something else. 

Nipponflorist.jp and its affiliates reserve the privilege to use the name under which the content is posted, if they do so that they have a plan to do as such. You represent and warranty that you are the proprietor and deal with the rights to the content that is posted by you, that the content is true, that use of your posted content does not breach they policy and won't cause any harm to any individual or entity and that you will compensate nipponflorist.jp and its associates for all claims coming about because of the content posted by you. Nipponflorist.jp reserves the right yet not the responsibility to control and delete or alter any content or activity. The obligation for any content or activity posted by you or any third party is not taken by NipponFlorist.jp. 

Site Policies, Modifications and Severability

We request our guests to go through any kind of privacy policies posted on the website such as our privacy policies, Disclaimer and shipping policy. These strategies likewise access your entrance to NipponFlorist.jp. We reserve the right to make any significant improvements and changes whenever we wish to our site, policies and the Terms and Conditions of Use. The term will be considered severable if any of the mentioned terms and conditions is regarded as invalid, void, or for any way, shape or form unenforceable, and it will not have any effect on the validity and enforceability of the different terms and conditions.


If the Company and its Associates are being charged upon an allegation or claim arising from the violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use, then you must agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company and its Associates from and against any and all liability, claims, costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable legal fees and expenses).


The Terms and Conditions of Use will be governed without reference to the conflicts of laws principle, by the state laws where the Registered Office is located and not by the U.N Conventions or Contracts for the International sale of Goods. The policies and Terms and Conditions of use on this site contain complete agreement among us and substitute some other ads or correspondences concerning the site of NipponFlorist.jp.  The disclaimer of violation of any term will not be developed as a disclaimer of some other term or violation. Consenting to these Terms and Conditions of Use warranties and represent to an individual and he gets the approval to tie and does so tie his/her manager or head and to enter these Terms and Conditions of Use he gets enough legitimate limit. Without the prior written permission, one may not make these Terms and Conditions of Use or any commitments or rights nipponflorist.jp hereunder, directly and indirectly, by operation of law or something else. These Terms and Conditions of Use and rights might be assigned to any entity by NipponFlorist.jp. As subjected to the previous sentence, the Terms and Conditions of use will be accustomed to the gain of and be binding upon the parties and their individual successors and granted assigns

Use of our Contact info

It is strictly denied to use the site of NipponFlorist.jp for sending unsolicited advertising, promotional material, or different types of sales to different clients, except in specialized area if any, that are meant for such a purpose.



The images, graphics, texts, logos, button icons, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, software and all the contents shown on this site is the property of NipponFlorist.jp and its suppliers and is protected by United States and international copyright laws

The images, graphics, texts, logos, button icons, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, software and all the contents shown on this site is the property of NipponFlorist.jp and its suppliers and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. United States and universal copyright laws also secure all the software provided on the website which is the property of NipponFlorist.jp or the suppliers or software.



The trademarks and trade dresses of NipponFlorist.jp, without their written approval may not be utilized. Trademarks that show up on this site yet do not belong to NipponFlorist.jp are properties of their respective proprietors, who might or probably do not have an affiliation, sponsorship or association with NipponFlorist.jp. 



Nipponflorist.jp tries to give their best to serve you with appropriate and accurate information with respect to the products on our website. It might happen that because of receipt of false information from our suppliers, vendors or outside sources, errors or mistakes may arise. In such a situation if you encounter the displayed information on the website inappropriate or false. Kindly let us know.


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